Upcoming Activities and Events:

November 19:
All-Church Thanksgiving Meal - We have experienced 23 years of answered prayers and blessings from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, here at JBC.  The Lord has provided our every need.  Let's come together and THANK Him for His Greatness, Faithfulness, and Lovingkindness to ALL of us.  Out of our bounty, we invite EVERYONE to stay following the Morning Worship Service and share the delights brought from the homes of our ladies and those foods furnished by the church, including the meat, potatoes/gravy, beverages, and tableware for ALL!  Do not stay home!  YOU are most welcome to JOIN us and share in the FOOD and FELLOWSHIP.  If you are able, please bring (2) side dishes to share!
November 19:
Christmas Program ~ Orchestra Rehearsal - The JBC Orchestra will be continuing rehearsing today at 4:45pm for the Christmas Program (Sundays at 4:45pm ~ unless otherwise announced).
November 19:
Missionary Charles Wesco - Bro. Charles Wesco and his wife, Stephanie (and their 8 children!) who are Missionaries on deputation to Cameroon, West Africa will join us THIS Sunday.  Please plan to attend! 
November 22:
Christmas Program ~ Boxes Rehearsal - Reminder: there will be NO BOXES Rehearsal this Wednesday in observance of Thanksgiving.  Our next rehearsal will be Wednesday, November 29! 

December 2 & 9:
Christmas Program ~ Children's Rehearsals - JBC Sunday School children (not including Teens) are requested to attend the final Dress Rehearsal on December 2nd and 9th from 9:00am to 11:00am in the JBC Sanctuary for the Program on December 10 at 6:00pm.  Parents: if your child cannot attend these rehearsals, please contact Julie Geoffrion.  Thank you!! 

December 2:
Teens - The Teens are participating in a Tri-State Youth Fellowship in Kahoka, MO!  Please meet at JBC by 1:00pm!  

December 5:
Adult Ladies Christmas Program - Hark!  How the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say: it's TIME for A LOT of GIGGLING!  Ladies, please join us for the most wonderful day of the year, beginning at 6pm in the JBC Fellowship Hall!  Please bring a $5 gift to give for exchange and a plate of finger-food.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Beal, or the church.

December 10:
JBC Christmas Program - Please JOIN us for our ANNUAL Christmas Program featuring our notorious BOXES, our exciting and adorable Children's Program, and hear our NEW Orchestral Ensemble play a medley orchestrated by one of it's members!   Our program begins at 6:00pm!  Our facility is fully handicapped accessible.  The children will all receive a treat at the end of the Program.  Please invite your family & friends to this precious event.  

December 16:
JBC Christmas Cookies ~ Van Ministry - Ladies, please ensure your cookies are delivered to JBC by Saturday, December 16 at 9:00am.  The sign-up sheet is already posted for your convenience, if you would like declare the flavor of cookies you'll be bringing and amount.  Thank you again for bringing JOY to so many families!

December 24:
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - For our regularly scheduled Worship Service, Joy Baptist Church will add the warmth, glow and beauty of a Candlelight Service on December 24th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  Please bring your family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  

He was BORN... to DIE.  He chose to come from His throne in heaven and become a man: to be a worthy sacrifice to PAY for the world's sins.  He taught us what sin was so we'd know our critical need for a Saviour and our absolute vulnerable (and impossible) position to help ourselves.  He surrendered Himself, to give us a means of escape from an otherwise certain path to hell, in payment for our sins.

Oh, COME ~ let us ADORE Him!  Let us THANK Him for the salvation that He gives.  Have you received His Gift today?