Upcoming Activities and Events:

January 14:
Believer's Baptism - We are so excited with the decisions of four young ladies, Graycee and Candra Oldfield, Chloe Smith and Marie Vradenburg, and their desire to make public confessions of their salvation and faith in Jesus Christ and in Him alone.  Their longing to be obedient to God's Word thru Believer's Baptism ~ baptism by immersion ~ is most precious.  This Biblical form of baptism is the remembrance and reflection of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ ~ our Redeemer Creator!  Please pray for them as they seek to do His Will and become active in His service.  

January 17:
Armour-Bearers - Teens, please invite your friends to this week's Armour-Bearers following our Wednesday Evening Service.  We always have a FUN time of fellowship!

January 19:
Preacher's Fellowship - Joy Baptist Church will be hostingPreacher's Fellowship on Friday, starting at 1:00pm and ending with a supper at 5:00pm in our Fellowship Hall.

January 20:
Visitation - Our Visitation has resumed on Saturdays at 10:30am, meeting in the Pastor's office.  This is not 'fake news':  people are going to hell for eternity unless we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  Please come and join us!

January 21:
Creation Corner w/Clint - Next Sunday, we welcome the return of Creation Corner with Deacon Clint Oldfield.  He combines his education and expertise in the natural sciences and makes a Biblical application with God's Word.  It is extremely interesting and FUN for all ages!  

January 21:
Nursery Worker's Luncheon - Next Sunday, all Nursery workers are invited to LUNCH to thank them for their faithful service with our precious babies and children.  Their patience and loving-kindness will be rewarded to enjoy one another's fellowship (location TBA), following the Morning Worship Service.  If you have any questions, please see Nursery Director, Lori Grens.

January 24:
Annual Business Meeting - Members, please join us for our Annual Business Meeting to review our expenditures for 2017, and to approve our annual budget for 2018.  Thank you!