Upcoming Activities and Events:




New (Temporary) Guidelines

1.Sunday School will be postponed for now.

2.Sunday Morning Worship will start at 10:30 a.m. as usual.

a.Please don't come earlier than 15 minutes, before time, and no fellowshipping afterwards inside.  Fellowshipping is permissible outside with the social distancing rule of 6 ft. used.

b.If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, you're more than welcome to do so.  

c.Families are to sit together including those who would normally be in Children's Church.

d.Social distancing of 6 ft. should be implemented as much as possible from other households.

e.We will be disinfecting after each service.

f.PLEASE, as hard as it will be for us, NO HANDSHAKING, HUGGING, FIST BUMPING, but SALUTING is permissible.  Thank you!

3.We will not be running the bus/van routes in June.  Children are most welcome if their parents bring them or preferably, come and stay with them.

4.We will be having our Sunday Evening Services and Wednesday Evening Services, the same times as always, with the same rules.

5.If you feel sick, PLEASE DO NOT COME!  Respect people's space.  Thank you!

6.If you don't feel comfortable coming yet, I DO understand and respect your choices.  Our Governor has even suggested that those over 65, or that have underlying health conditions, should stay in.  Do what you feel God wants you to do.  Please take the necessary precautions based on your individual situation.