Upcoming Activities and Events:

Happy 23rd Anniversary

Joy Baptist Church!

Minister of Music - We are pleased and excited to announce the calling and appointment of Bro. Pierre Geoffrion as JBC's Minister of Music.  Bro. Geoffrion joyously returns to JBC and Fort Madison after a moderate hiatus, moving west.  Prior to his move, he was called to serve as one of our Deacons.  He was also energetic in his role as JBC's Choir Director.  As an accomplished pianist and instrumentalist, he brings an immensely talented family with him, including his wife, Julie, and five children.  They also have one son who serves our country in the US Air Force. We are thrilled and thankful for answered prayer in bringing this Godly couple and family HOME! 

July 23:
Welcome HOME! - WELCOME HOME Teen Campers and Sponsors!  Thank you to the Briggs and Peters for taking our Teens to camp this week….and back!  Please COME TONIGHT to support and ENCOURAGE them with your attendance and interest, attentive to their testimonials and experiences about their week at the Bill Rice Ranch!  We need THEM more than ever now!  

July 23:
Missionary Fernando Padilla - Please join us on Sunday to welcome our guests, Bro. Fernando Padilla (Missionary to Germany) and his wife, to our services!  Bro. Padilla will be teaching in the Adult Sunday School class, and then later, sharing his media presentation during the Evening Worship Service.  Please come to hear his testimony and call of God.  Don’t stay home ~ like the Germans do!  (Only 3% of Germans go to church!)  Always remember our responsibility as Christians to support those men and women devoted to the Great Commission and who displace themselves from their comforts to do so.  

July 23:
Teen's Testimonials - Please come to hear the marvelous work that the Lord has done in the hearts and lives of our young people, chaperones, and Youth Leaders during the Evening Service at 6:00pm. Their intense week at the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN included much Bible study, fellowship, fun, and preaching.  This combination absolutely reroutes attitudes and uproots the bitterness that our teens face daily in this world.  A week without cellphones is also a game-changer! Their testimonies will bless your heart!  No doubt! 

July 26:
Missionary Bong Ambrocio - On Wednesday, July 26th, we welcome Bro. Bong Ambrocio & his wife (Missionaries to the Philippines) to our Evening Service.  It has been 4 years since their last visit!  Bro. Ambrocio will be reporting to us about their ministry!  On a personal note, Bro. Ambrocio needs to borrow a vehicle for (4) months.  If you have any information or resources to help him, please see the Pastor immediately.  Thanks!  

July 27:

Visitation - We have been called by God’s Word to spread the TRUTH and commanded in His Great Commission: “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  (KJV, Mark 16:15)  Will you be a witness for Him ~ after ALL that He has done for YOU?  Our DST Visitation Program meets on Thursdays at 6:00pmin the Pastor’s study!  

September 10:

Evangelist Gregg Waggoner - Please save the date to hear our friend in the Lord, Bro. Gregg Waggoner!  This 'Cowboy Preacher' was thoroughly appreciated during his last giddy-yap at JBC.  He loves to share the songs of the Trail and the Cross. He possesses a smooth-style of singing voice which relaxes and calms all who listen.  He prepares hearts for the preaching by sharing the songs of the Gospel paired with the life of a cowboy.