Upcoming Activities and Events:

October is....

Pastor Appreciation Month!


Call to Glory Publication - As you may be noticing, our very own Pastor Earl Beal has become more & more a featured author in the Christian publication, Call to Glory.  Again, in August, Pastor Beal's writing is found on the 2nd of the month! In September, his writing is found on the 11th day!  In October, his writing is found on the 24th day!  We are blessed (and spoiled) to hear him every week!  Praise the Lord that the Lord is utilizing our Pastor to reach far beyond Fort Madison and into the hearts and minds of those that need the Lord!

October 14:
Creation Corner w/ Clint - We are excited to welcome back Deacon Clint Oldfield to our Morning Worship Service to give a Biblical application in God's Word on a topic within his expertise:  natural science!  It is always very captivating and quite enjoyable for all ages!

October 14:
Orchestra ~ Christmas Rehearsals - Please remember Sunday's rehearsal at 4:45pm to 5:15pm and revolving weekly until the Christmas Program.

October 14:

Deacon's Meeting - Our Pastor has requested a meeting with all Deacons this evening at 5:00pm in his office.  Thanks!

October 17:
Quarterly Business Meeting - Members, we request your attendance to our meeting following the Wednesday Evening Service.  Thank you!

October 17:
Teens - Please INVITE your friends and peers to Armour-Bearers this week!  We will have a great time of fellowship and study following the Evening Service!

October 20:
Teens - On Saturday, ALL TEENS are welcome to go to Kathy's Pumpkin Patch in Donnellson for a great time of fellowship and a delicious cookout.  See the Briggs for details.

October 21:
Nursery Workers Meeting & Lunch - Next Sunday, all Nursery workers are asked to attend a meeting immediately following our Morning Worship Service at the Fort Colony Restaurant.  After the meeting, you are encouraged/invited to STAY for LUNCH and FELLOWSHIP!








Are YOU going to heaven?  The Bible tells us that we are all sinners; we were born into a carnal, sinful body.  Jesus Christ ~ the Almighty Creator and Son of God ~ came to earth from His throne to provide the world 'a means of escape' from their duty to pay for their sins.  He paid for their sins....with His life.  He was pure and sinless.  He offered Himself as a lamb of sacrifice to pay for every man's sins (if they would call upon Him to do so).  It is a FREE gift to YOU but it certainly was not cheap.  But like every gift, it must be received and our old ways repented.  If you would like to go to heaven, please DO NOT HESITATE to call us at Joy Baptist Church (319-372-8008 / 470-3999) for more information about what Jesus did for you and how quickly this day YOU can be saved and on your way to heaven!  We do not know the day or hour that Jesus will return for His saints, or even how many breaths we are allotted on this earth.  The scriptures tell us that our life is but a vapor.  Do not postpone this MAJOR decision.

Teen Campers & Parents - Everyone going to Teen Camp (in two weeks!) at the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN ~ please meet at the piano following our Morning Worship Service.  Thanks!

June 27: