Upcoming Activities and Events:

Encouragement Ministry - Our beloved senior saint, Nola Elliott, will be going to rehabilitate in the home of her youngest daughter for a duration unspecified.  We urge the body of Believers to encourage our dear friend in Christ by sending her cards and letters to the following address:
Mrs. Nola Elliott
c/o Mrs. Brenda Maine
3051 S. South Valley Lane, Apt. K-8
Springfield, MO  65807-5781

October 22:
Pulpit of JBC - We have been truly blessed by the preaching from several men of our congregation including Head Deacon Danny Weinreich, Bro. Joe Lestina and Bro. Pierre Geoffrion.  On Sunday, October 22, we will again be stirred by the messages prepared by Deacon Wayne Briggs and Bro. Clyde Ausmus.  On Wednesday, October 25th, Bro. Danny Weinreich gladly returns to the JBC pulpit.  All of these Godly men gave our Pastor and Mrs. Beal a wonderful 2-week break with his family ~ who returns on October 26th.  JBC thanks ALL of these faithful men who answered the call to preach cheerfully!  May the Lord bless you all!  Please JOIN us to hear these special messages!
October 22:
Christmas Program: Orchestra Rehearsals - As announced at the pulpit, the JBC orchestra will begin rehearsing for the Christmas Program on Sundays at 4:45pm - unless otherwise announced.  So, we sincerely hope that anyone who meets the JBC Music Standards (as earlier reviewed on October 1st) will JOIN us to make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord! 
November 1:
Christmas Program: Boxes Rehearsal - The Boxes have been wrapped.  It is time to "SPELL & SPIN" for our worthy Lord and Saviour.  It is time to get practicing to give the Lord our very best!  We will begin on Wednesday, November 1st, following the Evening Service.  A full schedule will be afforded soon!  So, for those Teens involved, please get your spinning fingers ready and your thinking caps on!  See you soon!

November 3-4:
Teen Retreat - For all Junior High and High School Students:  Deacon Wayne Briggs' Teen Class will be participating in a RETREAT to the "Living Water Farms", meeting at 5:00pm here at JBC!  So, save the dates!  More information will be coming soon!  

November 4:
ADULT LADIES' LUNCH - It's time for Stone Soup!  Come to JBC at 11:00am and bring an ingredient that YOU would like to ADD to the soup pot.  Lunch starts at NOON, including games, prizes and fellowship.  Any questions?  Please see Katy Peters!
November 5:
DST Ends - Our evenings with a lighter sky are coming to an end.  Please enjoy these last few weeks before the clocks fall back on November 5th!  Think on the positive:  you gain an hour of SLEEP!  

December 10:
JBC Christmas Program - Please JOIN us for our ANNUAL Christmas Program featuring our notorious BOXES, our exciting Children's Program, and hear our NEW orchestral ensemble!   Our program begins at 6pm!